COURSE Faculty

Jens Randel Nyengaard, M.D., Dr. of Medicine, Professor at the Core Center for Molecular Morphology, Section for Stereology and Microscopy at Aarhus University, Denmark. His goal has been to develop and implement quantitative bioimaging in the field of neuroresearch, biomedicine and clinical research. In the last 15 years, he has therefore introduced and implemented design-unbiased sampling techniques in molecular medicine on various research topics using many different imaging techniques. This is in particular digital light and fluorescence microscopy; 1 and 2-photon confocal laser scanning microscopy; focused-ion-beam scanning electron microscopy, immuno-electron microscopy and also to a lesser degree ultrasound, CT-scanning, PET-scanning, MRI etc. It is therefore capable of image and quantify pathological changes at the level of cells down to the molecular level.
Johnnie Bremholm Andersen, Ph.D. in Biology, Honorary Associate Professor at the Core Center for Molecular Morphology, Section for Stereology and Microscopy at Aarhus University, Denmark. He has worked with stereology and taught on international stereology courses for the last 12 years. During the last 6 years, he has devoted more and more time on the practical implementation of stereology especially on the analysis side. Dr. Andersen’s time is predominantly spent training researchers to use the stereology software (Visiopharm) and the associated hardware integration (microscopes, scanners and confocal system).
Charles W. Frevert, D.V.M., Sc.D. Dr. Frevert is a Veterinary-Scientist and Associate Professor in the Departments of Comparative Medicine at the University of Washington. His research focuses on the study of proteoglycans, a family of molecules that have immunomodulatory properties that provide extracellular-control of innate immune response to lung infection. In addition to his research, Dr. Frevert provides research support for investigators at the University of Washington as a comparative pathologist and as Director of the Histology and Imaging Core (HIC) and Co-Director of the Comparative Pathology Program (CPP) at the University of Washington. Providing high-quality non-biased data for experimental and preclinical research using quantitative digital pathology is a central mission of the HIC and the CPP.
Brian Johnson
is a Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Comparative Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine.  After receiving his bachelor’s degree in biology from Washington State University he received extensive histopathology training as a pathologists assistant (PA) for multiple clinical laboratories in the Puget sound area.  He then spent two years working as a research scientist in pre-clinical development in a Seattle area biotechnology firm focusing on rodent and non-human primate pathology and lead candidate tissue cross-reactivity studies.  Brian is now the program manager of the Histology and Imaging Core/Comparative Pathology Program at South Lake Union where he focuses on antibody optimization, digital imaging and quantitative image analysis.

Jeppe Thagaard, M.Sc.Eng. Graduate with a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and University of Copenhagen. For the last 3 years specialized in advanced machine learning and medical image analysis with interest in applying deep learning for various healthcare applications especially within cancer and neuroscience. He conducted his master thesis on deep learning for digital pathology in collaboration with Visiopharm and Department of Pathology, Herlev University Hospital, Denmark.

Benjamin A. Freiberg, Ph.D. in Immunology, Vice President Technical Sales, Americas. He has worked with image analysis and taught at international image analysis courses for the last 15 years. During the last 3 years, he has focused on image analysis of whole slide images as a component of digital pathology. Dr. Freiberg’s time is predominantly spent on developing image analysis algorithms for his customers and assisting the North American sales team with complex image analysis for Visiopharm.