2017 Workshop NOW CLOSED!

Short Course on quantitative digital pathology

University of Washington School of Medicine at South Lake Union
October 23 – 27, 2017

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The 2017 Short-Course on Quantitative Digital Pathology is an intensive course focused on the  principles, and methods used in stereology and image analysis to obtain accurate non-biased data from tissue sections. This is a unique opportunity to interact with experts in the field of stereology and image analysis. Students will be introduced to processes that dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of stereology and quantitative image analysis, such as whole slide digital imaging and powerful analysis software. The workshop is five days of lectures, interactive sessions and hands-on experience.


1.    Participants will learn the principles behind the use of stereology and receive hands on training in the techniques used to accurately measure specific histologic and/or histopathologic features in an organ or tissue section.
2.    Participants will learn when it is appropriate to use image analysis; how to develop protocols using image processing and segmentation; and will be introduced to the use of deep learning to increase the information obtained with image analysis.
3.    Participants will learn how to design and conduct studies for stereology and image analysis.
4.    Participants will be exposed to whole slide digital imaging on several state-of-the-art platforms including the Hamamatsu NanoZoomer® Digital Pathology System.
5.    Participants will work with the faculty to develop protocols for analysis of their own digital images that will be generated during the workshop.


STEREOLOGY (October 23rd to October 25th)

• Optical disector/fractionator
• Automated physical disector/fractionator
• Cavalieri’s estimator for volume
• Cycloids/(Sine-weighted) test lines for surface
• Counting frames/Global Spatial Sampling for length
• Connectivity, Tensors and Spatial distribution
• Nucleator and Rotators for Local Stereology
• Virtual Slide-based Stereology
• Proportionator sampling
• Tissue deformation
• Ratios vs Totals
• How many Animals/Blocks/fields of view and counts?

IMAGE ANALYSIS (October 26th to October 27th)

• Image pre-processing: filters, color de-convolution
• Image segmentation: Thresholding, advanced pixel classifiers - Bayesian and K-means, contextual classifiers
• When to use image analysis
• Tissue Micro Array image analysis
• Tissue Sampling
• Image analysis protocols for sampling
• Virtual and Physical Multiplexing with immunohistochemical biomarkers
• Virtual Slide based Image Analysis
• Introduction to deep learning in digital pathology


Travel Awards

HCS is sponsoring 2 travel awards for the workshop at $1000 each.   The awardees must be current paid HCS members to apply. Apply by sending a CV and statement of how attending the workshop will enhance your career development, along with one letter of recommendation from a mentor/advisor.  Awardees are to be students/postdocs studying in the field. Applications are to be reviewed and evaluated by the HCS Award and Membership Committee for final selection. Award stipends are provided to the awardees after confirmation of attendance is received post workshop and is presented in the form of reimbursement of up to $1000 for travel and registration expenses. Awardees are required to provide an article for the HCS website/newsletter after their experience to summarize the event and the value it provided to their professional development. Award applications are due by October 2, 2017. Apply today


The workshop will be held at University of Washington School of Medicine at South Lake Union 850 Republican Ave. Seattle, WA 98109

The week long course will begin on October 23, 2017. New this year, all registrants new to HCS will receive one complimentary year of HCS membership after they complete the workshop!


Academic registration = $1,200
Industry registration = $1,500

Registration Now Open

Deadline Extended!  Last day to register: October 20, 2017

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