Congratulations to the 2016 Vector and Lillie Awardees

May 17, 2016
Please join us in congratulating the 2016 society's Vector and Lillie awardees.  Awarded at the 2016 annual meeting based on their abstracts.....

2016 Vector Awardee, Umesh Wankhade, University of Arkansas Medical Sciences
Abstract: Maternal Obesity Programs Offspring’s Predisposition to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Steatohepatitis
"I earned PhD in Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise from Virginia Tech. I investigated the role of hypothalamic transcription factor Nhlh2 in controlling energy homeostasis in mice. During the first stint of my post doc at NIDDK, NIH I explored the role of TGFbsignaling in adipose tissue biology. I was able to show that impaired TGFb signaling in adipose tissue promotes beiging/browning and improves metabolism in mice. At Arkansas Children Nutrition Center, UAMS we are interested in understanding the role of maternal obesity in shaping offspring’s health and disease. I am investigating how gestational weight gain impacts offsprings predisposition to metabolic syndrome co-morbidities such as obesity and liver diseases under the mentorship of Dr. Kartik Shankar.  I am also interested in understanding adipose tissue biology, especially how progenitor population in influences beiging potential of particular adipose tissue depot. I am pleased and truly honored to receive Vector Laboratories Young Investigator award from Histochemical Society. Getting recognized for the research work we do is the ultimate honor one can get in our field." - Umesh Wankhade
2016 Lillie Awardee, Tirthadipa Pradhan-Sundd, University Of Pittsburgh
Abstract: Redundant role of catenins in maintaining tight junctional integrity