HCS Course Travel Awardee, Evelina Sjöstedt

April 19, 2016
Please join us in congratulating Evelina on her travel award to the recent IHCM course.  see below for her bio and a few words about her expereince at the course.

Evelina Sjöstedt has been a part of the Human Protein Atlas project (www.proteinatlas.org) collaboration between Uppsala University and the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden) since 2008. Initially, she started working with tissue handling and TMA construction and later focused on IHC analysis and antibody validation. After leading the antibody validation team a few years she started working as a part time PhD student but is now concentrating more on her ongoing research and projects. Her main projects focuses on antibody validation within the Human Protein Atlas, comparing IHC result with RNA-Seq data as well as investigating protein expression in the human and mouse brain.
The Immunohistochemistry and Microscopy course in Woods Hole was very useful for me. To have the opportunity to gather in a group with people from various backgrounds, but with a common interest in antibodies and IHC, was for me very encouraging and stimulating. It was nice to get in contact with people who are using similar techniques but aims to answer other types of questions within the research field. The fluorescence introduction was very valuable for me, since I normally work with chromogen staining methods, and I plan to include fluorescents based techniques in my thesis project. I got several questions answered during the course, but also questions produced which I now look forward to investigate further.