Minisymposium @EB2016

March 11, 2016
Consider adding this minisymposium to your EB2016 schedule. Featuring talks by HCS President-Elect Margarida Barroso and past HCS leaders Richard Levenson and JJ Otero.


Sat. 8:30 AM--San Diego Convention Center, Room 5A

Chaired: R. Levenson and D. Kaufman

Digital and Computational Pathology
Imaging, Immunohistochemistry and Microscopy

8:30 Introduction

8:35 51.1 Assessment of Autofluorescent Signatures in Multiple Tissue Types with Novel Excitation-Scanning Hyperspectral Imaging P.F. Favreau, J.A. Deal, D.A. Weber, T.C. Rich, S.J. Leavesley. Univ. of South Alabama

8:50 51.2 Potential of Hyperspectral Imaging for Label-Free Tissue and Pathology Classification J.A. Deal, P. Favreau, D. Weber, T. Rich, S. Leavesley. Univ. of South Alabama

9:05 51.3 MUSE: A New, Fast, Simple Microscopy Method for Slide-Free Histology and Surface Topography R.M. Levenson, F. Fereidouni. Univ. of California Davis Med. Ctr., Sacramento

9:20 51.4 Lymphocyte Response Assay: Report on Precision of Novel Cell Culture Test A.E. Lynch, R. Jaffe. Hlth. Studies Collegium, Ashburn, VA

9:35 51.5 Monitoring Cell Death in Real-Time/Time-Lapse Studies R. Edward. BioStatus Ltd., Shepshed, U.K.

9:50 51.6 How Different Are We? Performing Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissue Immunohistochemistry across Species. K.N. Gibson-Corley, G. Ofori-Amanfo, M.R. Leidinger, A.M. Lambertz. Univ. of Iowa

10:05 51.7 FLIM-FRET Imaging of Ligand-Receptor Binding in Tumor Cells In Vitro and In Vivo M.M. Barroso, A. Rudkouskaya, S. Patel, N. Sinsuebphon, X. Intes. Albany Med. Col. and Rensselaer Polytech Inst.

10:20 51.8 Digital Determination of Chemotherapeutic Drug-Induced Damage Sites in Single DNA Molecules Using Nanofluidic Channels D.G. Kaufman, P.D. Chastain, S.A. Soper. Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and William Carey Univ. Col. of Osteo. Med., MS

10:35 51.9 Deterministic Transfection and Genetic Manipulation of Organotypic Brain Slice Cultures for Ex Vivo Imaging P.E. Gygli, S. Byers, N. Higuita-Castro, C. Czeisler, D. Gallego-Perez, J.J. Otero. The Ohio State Univ. and Kenyon Col., OH

10:50 Discussion