Nominations for Histochemical Society Secretary-Treasurer & Councilor now accepted - Deadline Dec 1!

November 10, 2017
Nominations for Secretary-Treasurer and Councilor are now being accepted and may be made by any Society member. Nominees for Secretary-Treasurer (3 year term: 2018-2021) must have at least one year's service on the Council prior to the start of his/her term. Councilor (4 year term: 2018-2022) shall have held regular membership in the Society for at least two consecutive years prior to the start of their term. The individual making the nomination must secure permission of the nominee. For more information about the responsibilities of these positions, please view the HCS Handbook.  Nominations should be made in writing and include a brief biographical sketch of the nominee.  Nominations should be sent to the Business Office.  The deadline for nominations is: December 1, 2017.